⊙Industrial door
⊙Rapid accumulation door
⊙Rapid roll door
⊙Perspective door
⊙Hard door
Hard fast door also called aluminum alloy fast door, known as hard shutter, is a kind of guard against theft, high temperature partition of the new metal fast door, it has the reliability, practical, and easy to operate.
Hard door for high-speed door and comprehensive industrial slippery rise the advantages of the door, that is a high heat preservation. The unique design, elegant appearance, long service life and good insulation sealing performance, smooth operation, high speed without noise etc. Characteristics.
■Door curtain material: high strength industrial aluminum alloy material. But with transparent window.
■Appearance: galvanized sheet doors or 4 electrostatic spraying.
■Switch mode: standard button control.
■Wind capacity: 12 m/s.
■Balance system: standard balance system, keep the door curtain vertical, open smoothly.
■Security system: built-in safety fuse and insurance switch, automatic security bottom and safety magic eye, emergency manual open.
Optional configuration: radar control, magnetic control, manual leash control, remote control, double button.

■Control mode: frequency conversion control box.
■Opening speed: up to 3.0 m/s, adjustable.
■The motor power: 0.75-1.5 KW.
■Control of the power supply: 380 V 。
■Motor position: it was right, left all can.
■Features: applicable to heat preservation, seal, dustproof, come in and go out frequently, open the speed of environment of the high demand places.

The sealing performance guide seal, door curtain connection seal
Manual function contains manual emergency device
 According to the types of civil structure can be divided into: turbine inhaled, elliptical inhaled, heavy straight lift, 90 degrees turn standard lift or more rail way, standard for turbine inhaled and elliptic inhaled.
Use widely used in underground garage, car manufacturers, food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarket, frozen, logistics, warehousing and so on many kinds of place, can meet the high performance logistics and clean place.

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