⊙Industrial door
⊙Rapid accumulation door
⊙Rapid roll door
⊙Perspective door
⊙Hard door
Sealing strong
No dust, high stability, easy to clean, accord with CMP requirements.
High-speed open
Systems can be divided door curtain, make the wind good performance. (90 KG/M2), high frequency open (1000-1500 / day). All ChangFeng rapid rolling door all have 0, 1, 2 m/s minimum opening speed to ensure rapid, efficient, energy saving; The open the door also by the collision risk to the minimum. Used in large area such as logistics channel hole inside and outside the door (a heat, dust, noise reduction, every flavour requirements)
For personnel safety, all are in the bottom of a rapid rolling door infrared photoelectric sensors, if under item keep out, door won't drop and rises, all the rapid rolling door comply with European countries safety standards.
Cushion capacity
 Even if a fast door will occasionally received collision, this will make the operation received interference and bring expensive maintenance expenditure.
Yet all of rapid rolling door was equipped with a kind of automatic derailment system, it will make the door in the received after hit, need not any tools, and recovery in a short time.
High reliability
Rapid rolling door, simple construction, strong and reliable. In power, all rapid rolling door can check in operation. Frame: high quality metal corrosion.

Germany SEW famous brand; IP55 brake motor; 0.75 kw to 1.5 kw. 220-380 V three-phase; 1500 RPM; Big load bearing S4 type, the latest generation of the reduction gear (high efficiency, low noise).
Control cabinet
Haili makes full general by frequency converter, mitsubishi CPU, the computer program to composition. And all sorts of commonly used sex protection device compatible. Because with a frequency converter, door the body in the open and closed very smoothly. Even if used often and for a long time and almost no loss, and to reduce the maintenance cost.
Door body materials
Framework for 2 mm thick cold, high quality paint processing. Seal the brush can wind and reduce noise.
Door curtain material
High density industrial base cloth (1.2 mm thickness of origin, France), with transparent window, make the work environment more security.
Technology parameters
Tensile strength (via/weft) 5700/5100 N / 5 cm, tear strength (via/weft) 900/800 N
Using temperature: ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
Level of fire safety: France standard NF-PG2-503 M2 or German standard DIN4102 B1

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