Some customers in the production and distribution process requires high efficiency. Fast material flow demand in and out of the time and fast, shorten the safety and reliability of the door. ChangFeng rapid rolling door it is to meet these needs and design. Some special type goalkeeper meet as food, pharmacy, electronic, printing, textile, cigarette, clean workshop, packing workshop, prevent air conditioning erosion and other industrial workshop area isolation. Sealing strong, no dust, high stability, easy to clean, accord with CMP requirements. The open systems can be divided door curtain, make the wind good performance. (90 KG/M2), high frequency open (1000-1500 / day). All ChangFeng rapid rolling door all have 0, 1, 2 m/s minimum opening speed to ensure rapid, efficient, energy saving; The open the door also by the collision risk to the minimum. Used in large area such as logistics channel hole inside and outside the door (a heat, dust, noise reduction, every flavour requirements)

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